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Thursday, March 26, 2009

The offspring of Hitler - Sony Ericsson

the-offspring-of-hitler the-offspring-of-hitler
In the jungle a nazi Army is being created. A army of mutants created from the dna of Hitler. They have kidnapped your wife. Find her and kill the mutants.

In the deep Amazonas jungle a old professor has taking his refuge. He is creating a new army of misfits created by the dna of Adolf Hitler and he is trying to make a new masterrace to take over the world.

In a small village a man is waking up, all the men in the village is slaughtered and the women is missing, your wife is missing to.. The women is kidnapped to bare the children of the misfits for the army. You have to find the professors laboratory and save your wife from being raped by nazimutants and to kill the professor and destroy the army. Read More The offspring of Hitler - Sony Ericsson

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