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Friday, March 20, 2009

Lava Lava - Free Sony Ericsson


Save the world from the lava of Mounts Fuji, Merapi, Kilimanjaro, and McKinley!

Destroy the Lava Bombs by pressing the corresponding number on your keypad. Save the buildings from damage within the time limit to move to the next level.

Mount Fuji, Japan: Fuji san, the most revered mountain in Japan has roared to life. Destroy the lava bombs before they lay waste to the entire city.

Mount Merapi, Indonesia
According to Javanese mythology, this volcano is the kingdom of spirits who if angered rain hell on the villages. Placate the spirits and save the village.

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Mount Kilamanjaro, Tanzania
The ice cap atop the volcano has melted, and the animals are running to escape the heat. Destroy the lava bombs before they cause more damage. Lava Lava - Free Sony Ericsson

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