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Friday, December 19, 2008

FriendsAndFlirt - Free Games For Sony Ericsson

FriendsAndFlirt is free mobile social, dating and messaging community based on location of friends and users. It enables people to connect all around the world with text, pictures, sound, photos ... on a mobile device. What is it good for? If you download our mobile client onto your mobile device, you can contact people all over the world. Are you a traveller? At any time and anywhere in the world you can find people with a profile you are looking for. You can contact people who will help you find a place to stay. You can ask the locals as regards the most interesting things in their town, things you should not miss. Do you simply want to meet new people or have a chat with old friends? Or would you like to flirt with people that share your profile? It is especially good for any of these, because is very easy to use. Read More FriendsAndFlirt - Free Games For Sony Ericsson

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